Find out More about Blackjack Switch Casino Game

With a game as simple yet exciting as classic blackjack it is not surprising in the least that a wide variety of blackjack variations have surfaced over the years if it’s existence. Fortunately for the players familiar with the classic version alone, these variations of the game are still largely similar to the classic game, with a few unique betting options and some other rules that set it apart. But the fundamentals are still there and so players interested in trying out new and exciting blackjack variations like Blackjack Switch here, can largely just jump into the action and pick things up along the way. That being said a loose guideline on what’s to be expected can always be beneficial.

Exploring the Differences Between Classic and Switch

Blackjack has definitely left its mark on the casino gaming community and as such has surfaced time and time again in pop culture, history and across the World Wide Web. With a game against the dealer as this ultimately is, players can get a clear and open chance to contest for some winnings. Blackjack Switch differs from the classic version of the game very little in the setup, with the first and main difference featuring during the dealing. Instead of getting the usual single hand per player, each person at the table gets dealt 2 independent hands, with the option to switch the top cards of each hand before the hitting begins. This enables players a bit more control over their own hands. And from their they can still hit, stand, double and split the hands as if they were normal blackjack hands.

This switch enables players quite a choice, but every now and then the top cards of each hand are the same, or the bottom two are, either way there are possibilities when this switch option has no effect, and for that reason players are also allowed to take up a side bet called Super Match, which returns winnings if certain poker hands surface amongst the 4 starting cards dealt to each player. These include a pair, two pair, 3 and 4 of a kind. The latter of course returns quite substantial odds as this is rather unlikely. Still the game accommodates for the switching problem and enables players a bet of surety over this possibility. The dealer in Blackjack Switch can play a 22 point hand without going bust, called a push, that ties with all hands except a natural blackjack.

Similarities Between Classic and Blackjack Switch

Whilst a variation should definitely have unique and different aspects to the game the overall gameplay should still be recognisable otherwise it’s not a variation, it’s a new game entirely. Fortunately for players familiar with the classic version of blackjack this variation here is still blackjack. It includes the same overall betting procedure as well as most of the possible side bets and dealer associations. For example, based on the version players will still be able to place insurance bets on the dealer hitting blackjack as well as rules on a soft 17 dealer holds. Definitely a lot to look forward to and a lot to take comfort in with Blackjack Switch.