The Basic Details about 50 Dragons Slot

50 Dragons is a slot game created by Aristocrat Games. In terms of visual fidelity, 50 Dragons offers a rich experience, with high detail images that draw from popular Chinese culture. Including peacocks, koi fish and golden dragons, the player is in for a cultural treat.

The sound design, however, is not as impressive as the visual design, which is a shame given that so much effort was clearly put into the visuals. In terms of game play, however, 50 Dragons brings a fast paced, entertaining experience, using a five reel, fifty play line system.

Not only is fifty betting lines a great deal more then is found in other slot games, but the lines are also manually adjustable, offering the player the chance to find a strategic approach that suits them best. 50 Dragons can be played on desktop computer, tablet or even from any phone.

Symbols in More Detail

The symbol designs in 50 Dragons has already been mentioned as being visually impressive, lets take a closer look at them. The golden dragon is the most valuable symbol in the game, which makes sense, given how prominently the dragon icon features in Chinese culture.

If the dragon is matched the maximum of five times a large instant payout is made, making the dragon exceptionally lucky in anyone’s book. The next most valuable symbol is the peacock, followed by the tiger. These symbols, although not as lucrative as the golden dragon, still offer the chance for great payouts. Next in line is the koi fish, who is the least valuable main symbol.

The remaining symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. In order to really score big in the 50 Dragons slot game, the player needs to learn more about the bonus symbols.

Bonuses and Specials

The image of a pearl held in a dragon’s claw is the wild symbol in the 50 Dragons game, and will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. A sequence may consist of, for example, two queens and a pearl, which will result in a three queens payout. The same will work with two pearls and two queens, which will be a four queens payout.

The second bonus symbol is the golden ingot, which is a scatter symbol, meaning that it may match even when not in adjacent positions on the reels. If matched, the ingot will grant ten free spins, during which all wins are multiplied by the total bet for that round. This means, of course, that the player is encouraged to always bet the maximum. Be cautious, however, as always betting the maximum can be a costly affair. Also keep in mind that extra wild ingots are added to the reels during free spins, which greatly increase the chances of winning sequences occurring. This makes the wild ingot by far the most important symbol in the game, and the player should keep their eye on it if wanting to make the most possible money when playing.