Free casino bonuses

Explaining the Term Free Casino Bonuses

It is easy for newcomers to online gaming to confuse certain terms, as the industry sometimes uses similar wording to describe very different concepts. Free casino bonuses, for example, can sometimes be confused with free casinos, so it is best to clear that up before going any further.

Free casinos are online sites that offer a number of casino games to players for free. Bets, wins and losses are made in credits only, so the player never has to risk any real money. These sites do offer regular real-value rewards, including cash prizes on occasion, but the emphasis is on playing for fun, not profit.

Free casino bonuses, on the other hand, are incentives offered by real-money casinos to players who are risking real stakes in the hopes of real-money wins. Online and mobile casinos use free casino bonuses to reward loyal players, and also to stimulate play on games that they feel should be seeing more action. The players, in turn, get the chance to win real prizes without having to risk their own bankroll.

Welcome Packages Now Standard

With hundreds of mobile and online casino sites competing for business globally, the Welcome Bonus is now the most common of the free casino bonuses on offer. Players are rewarded for signing up as a member of the site with a welcome package that may include a designated number of free games on specific titles, a set amount of free money with which to bet, or a deposit-matching bonus that is usually 100 per cent or more of the player’s initial deposit. Some casinos offer 300 per cent deposit matches.

Some Welcome Bonuses will include a combination of all these offers, as well as, for example, a set number of free spins on designated slots titles. Apart from the chance of winning something for nothing, they also have a value in allowing the player to try out new sites at no risk. If the player decides they don’t really enjoy a particular site while playing with their Welcome Bonus, they can move on to another without spending any of their own money.

Free Casino Bonuses for Regular Players

Most online and mobile casinos are aware that securing player loyalty requires more than a Welcome Bonus when they sign up. The top casino sites online will therefore reward player loyalty with regular free casino bonuses made available to existing players. These can consist of free spins on slots, extra cash bonuses to play with, or more deposit matches.

All casino sites will have a Promotions page that lists all the free casino bonuses on offer at any given time. So die-hard gaming enthusiasts can acquire membership of a number of different casino sites, then check out the free casino bonuses on offer on a daily basis, and choose the best deals. Experienced players registered on several sites can therefore make lucrative use of free casino bonuses whenever they play.

Be Sure to Check Terms and Conditions

As promotional incentives, free casino bonuses at will of course come with terms and conditions attached. These usually require a player to make a minimum deposit, or to make a minimum number of wagers with their free casino bonuses, before they can withdraw any winnings. It goes without saying that players need to check the terms and conditions thoroughly before they accept any offers.