How Online Casinos Have Transformed Gambling Around The World

Gambling has gone through many significant periods of evolution over the past century, and before. What looks to be the greatest yet, however, has been the advent of online casinos.

With the birth of the internet during the 90s, followed by a succession of new ground-breaking technologies, the online casino has quickly grown to become the preferred method of gambling around the world.

But why?

Accessibility And Convenience

For the greater part of history, gambling has been an activity that only small sector of society, could, or would ever partake in. It was furthermore restricted to certain areas and venues that, for various reason, were often not widely accessible to the public.

Nowadays, almost anyone can visit a casino, and anyone who owns a computer or mobile device with an internet connection can gamble, provided they are of the legal age of course. This is largely to do with the progress of society, but online casinos have most certainly helped to make gambling far more accessible to the world than ever before – and by quite a margin.

Other major factors contributing to the huge success of online casinos include:

  • The convenience of gambling from the comfort and safety of your own home, or wherever one chooses, and cutting out the need to travel.
  • The development of safe and secure online payment methods like

  • The invention of mobile devices with internet capability.
  • A vast, and ever increasing, variety and selection of games made by software manufacturers.
  • Recently, with Covid19, the convenience of completely avoiding public areas.

A Greater Public Interest

A very noticeable and beneficial side effect of online casinos gaining popularity over the past decades is the phenomenal widespread out surge of interest in gambling amongst the public.

Recent statistics showed that approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble regularly, and up to 4.2 billion gamble at least once a year.

In the UK, surveys showed that roughly 17% of the population, around 11 million people, gamble online, though in the US only around 3%, due its legislatures concerning online gambling.

Though there are no definite figures for the number of online casino users globally, even a low estimate of say 8% means that over 600 million people worldwide are online gamblers!

Now that Covid19 has necessitated an even greater shift to online casinos than ever before, the online casino world is literally skyrocketing into the future.

An Expanding Platform For Ideas And Innovation

The online world has provided an exciting and versatile platform for engineers and developers to expand on current technologies, as well as to invent and innovate new and better ways to gamble.

Currently, mobile devices, with their unmatched convenience and accessibility, are dominating the casino industry. However, virtual reality, AI, and cryptocurrencies, are just some of the new technologies predicted to take over in coming years.

None of it would be possible, though, without online capability, and we have the many brilliant visionary minds, of the past and present, to thank for this.