Secrets of Online Casinos Revealed

When you’re hoping to strike it lucky at online casinos, the very first secret is plain common sense: Do your research about the online casino you’re hoping to visit. Look at reviews from other players, visit online message boards, and always check what the payout options are like to ensure any winnings you do make, are withdrawable.

Money Makers

A secret to some is shady casinos operate online too and usually make users buy tokens to play, with no cash payouts available, which means anything that’s won can only be used to keep playing on their site. The flip side of this is if you do win big at a legitimate online casino, you may have to make a minimal deposit in to withdraw your winnings –research in this regard is very beneficial.

Maximise your money by doing direct deposits as opposed to using a third-party payment system to exchange your money – the alternative is finding casinos which deal only in online currencies like PayPal or bitcoins, to ensure withdrawals and deposits are safe, and fast.

A Bonus Blindfold

Online casinos want you to wager your money with them, and most will offer you a signup bonus as an incentive to try some games which usually leads players to buying in to the online casino to keep playing. A secret that online casinos don’t like sharing is that many, many casino sites offer this incentive – and using the signup bonus on a variety of online casinos will allow you to play for free for a very long time, giving you the greatest variety of games available. This will allow you to figure out what games you enjoy most, before deciding what online casino to stick with.

Apart from signup bonuses, many online casinos offer additional bonuses, in bold flashing lights and make the T&C’s for these bonuses very, very small. They do this because they don’t want new players reading into the requirements, as many of these bonuses have tons of restrictions on them. One of the most common limitations involved are that no winnings can be cashed out until the bonus money wagering requirements have been met.

The wagering requirement is a multiplier which shows how much you need to put in (aka bet) before your bonus is available to you as a cash out. In short, this means if you get a bonus like a free $100 with a 30x requirement attached, you can’t withdraw any winnings until you’ve wagered that equivalent – $3000 (at 30×100). You also usually can’t use this bonus to play big ticket games on their site, like roulette or their top slots.

The RTP Debate

The final secret to playing well at online casinos is to find an online casino or developer that showcases the various return to player (RTP) percentages in their slot games – which will allow you to decide which games give you the best odds of winning. Having these figures in mind will help you decide where to put your money, and help you avoid flashy slots with poor returns.