An Explanatory Guide to Making Bets on the NFL

The National Football League is the highest level of professional American football. The league represents teams from across the United States of America who take part in the NFL championship on an annual basis.

The season begins towards the end of the year with Super Bowl grand finale taking place early the following year. The National Football League was first formed in 1920 and has gone from strength to strength to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. With American football being the most popular sport in America, the television broadcasting and betting on NFL have some of the highest rates of viewers and bettors alike.

Betting on the National Football League

The National Football League season leading up to the Super Bowl is a time when plenty of American football fans bet on the sporting event in some form or another. Betting on NFL can be amongst friends, take place in Las Vegas or legal sports betting venues but the most popular form of betting on NFL is through an online sports book portal. It is estimated that two hundred million people bet on the National Football League season.

How to Bet on the NFL Online

Betting on NFL using an online portal is the easiest most convenient option. This allows bets to be placed while at home, in the office during break or on the go using any online mobile device. The most important thing to factor into when choosing to bet online is ensuring the chosen online sports book is a licenced and regulated site with a safe and secure reputation. Once a reputable online sports book has been found registering an account is the next step. Basic information is needed to do so and this can be done within moments.

Once an account is registered an initial deposit must be made that can be used to place the desired bets. All reputable online sports books offer generous welcome bonuses and promotions of varying values and types. These can be claimed immediately upon registration.

Betting Options for the NFL

There may be varying rules to betting on NFL for each specific online sports book so knowing the particulars is vital. An example of the different rules is that some online sports books allow bets to be place right up until a game takes place while others may require bets to be placed well in advance. The National Football League is known to offer the most options of betting types for any sport. Some of these include spread bets, money line bets, quarter and first half lines, half time lines, parlays or teasers, totals or over/under, futures bets and props bets. Spread bets are a popular form of betting and are based on the point spreads per team. The money line bet is placed on the team that is the favourite to win. The quarter, first half and halftime bets are placed on who will be the first team to win at those times within the game.

Betting on the totals or over/under at the sites like is choosing whether the total points accumulated in a game will be more or less than a pre-determined number. Futures bets are placed on any game or event which will occur in the future. Parlays are combinations of bets and props can be anything from which team will score first to who will reach the end zone first.