Online NZ Sports Betting Guide For Bettors

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where all types of gambling are heavily restricted by the national government, which maintains a monopoly on most of the betting both physically and online. Despite this, there are still plenty of ways bettors can take part in NZ betting, and knowing where and what to look for is the key to finding a betting site that offers everything a bettor needs.

Brief History of NZ Betting

New Zealand was first colonised by the Europeans in the 1600s, and once the country had grown and adopted a government, gambling was completely rejected and made illegal. This stance on gambling remained in place until the 1920s. The government would allow horse race betting on a small scale, and maintained a monopoly over the entire betting scene, allowing bettors to participate in government-sanctioned betting only. During the 1990s, gambling in the country grew in popularity, and the first physical casino was constructed in 1994, while fixed betting was made legal to a degree later on in 1996.

As of today, NZ betting is still controlled by a government monopoly, but many different casinos and online bet365 NZ gambling sites exist to allow bettors to take part in a large variety of betting events.

Foreign NZ Betting

For many locals to New Zealand, the domestic betting scene may not offer much appeal. Fortunately, it is possible to bet online through international betting sites, which is often the only choice many bettors have due to the NZ betting restrictions within the country. Joining up with an international betting site does not carry the same penalties as local gambling within New Zealand, but this also means that the government will not offer any type of assistance should anything go wrong with the betting site.

This is why bettors are advised to choose a site that has a well-known reputation with the proper licences and security. One of the great benefits of online betting in New Zealand is that all winnings made are not taxed at all, which can be a great advantage when winning money internationally, as many other countries tax gambling winnings heavily.

NZ Betting and Sportsbooks

As gambling in New Zealand continues to grow in popularity, many online bookmakers are turning their attention to the country, and most of them happily accept New Zealand citizens. Sportsbetting sites accept most types of banking method, including deposits and withdrawals made with debit and credit cards. Some bettors may find that they will have trouble withdrawing winnings when trying to use certain cards, such as a MasterCard. This is why many recommend using an e-wallet as a type of middleman when transferring funds internationally. This also makes conversion of currencies automatic, allowing bettors to use dollars, pounds, or Euros when involved in NZ betting.

The Future of NZ Betting

NZ betting is strange mix of both legal and illegal, as the government does not allow international operators to work in the country, but citizens can still bet offshore. This makes New Zealand one of the better countries to make bets from.