Best NRL Betting Tips To Every Punters For Betting

Sometimes looking online for tips is going to be your best bet (pun intended). Luckily in our neck of the woods there are plenty of NRL betting tips websites that can assist and deliver meaningful value and in a localized context.

There is no shortage of tipster websites these days. A quick online search will reveal plenty of results that you can start looking at. One great thing with having so many sources available to you is that you can start to compare odds between different sources. You’ll be able to make a good call with a balanced perspective.

Try to keep an eye out for forums that have active users close to the date of the match, many of these sites are free to view and some even allow you to join and add in your own 2 cents as well.

A Quick Guide To Rugby Betting

Ok, so enough with the waffling about where to find the tips, what are we online gambling on exactly? Here is a quick crash course for you to start with below.

Full time result NRL betting tips are really easy to come across because there are only 3 options: 1 = home team to win, x = a draw and 2 = away team to win.

A winning margin bet is exactly what it sounds like. Punters place NRL bets by how much the winning team is going to take the lead by at full time.

Tricky to get right but fun to place a wager on. (And even more fun to win)!

Half Time Full Time

On the face of it this bet could be very direct. Select the team that will be out in front at half time, and then select the team that’ll win the match.

This is where the NRL betting tips resources that I mentioned earlier really come in handy as you will be able to see which teams take the lead early in the first half and which teams have staged some daring comebacks in the second half.

First Scoring Play

Scouring the various NRL betting tips websites and forums can sometimes help with this little wager but is still not an easy one to get right, but it is definitely fun to try. This is because the first scoring opportunities are often determined by the oblong shaped rugby ball, and its heartbreakingly random bounce.

At the root of it, all that is required by the punter to succeed is to choose which team will score first and by what method. (Try or penalty in this case)

As the season progresses and teams establish their signature opening gambits and set play pieces then these things start to get a bit easier to calculate.

Other Bets

Total points bets are a fun option to try as well. All that is needed is for you to guess which team will win and which will lose, then attribute the final score to each one. Opinions online will vary from site to site but you will always find that one of the many NRL betting tips resources will give you the confidence to place a wager.

Time of first try bets are probably the most self-explanatory of the bunch. Guessing when the ball will be put over the line will secure the win for the lucky punter.