Online Cycling Betting Guide and Tips for Big Wins

Although it is still a minority sport in most countries, cycling remains popular and is seeing constant growth in several areas of the world. For many, it is a practical pastime; a greener way to travel around flattish local neighbourhoods. For many others, cycling is a serious way to get fit and compete in sporting events; a lifestyle that has given rise to hundreds of cycling competitions held annually all over the world.

Dedicated sports channels on satellite TV links has given many thousands the chance to view more cycling than in the past, and the growth of Internet connectivity, along with broadband and live streaming, has expanded access to cycling viewing even to those who don’t have a satellite TV subscription. The instant connectivity provided by the Internet has also spurred growth in a related field: online cycling betting.

Is Online Cycling Betting Legal?

Different countries have different laws relating to gambling. Some place no restrictions on online play, while others will only allow casino games online, but not lotteries or sports betting. Yet others have no rules against betting on any sporting contests online, but outlaw online casinos and lotteries. So the best bet, before anyone starts online cycling betting, is for the punter to check out the legal position in the area in which they reside.

Once they have ascertained that online cycling betting is legally allowed in their jurisdiction, they are ready for the next steps: choosing a cycling tournament, choosing an online betting shop, and choosing the riders on which to bet. It also pays to take some elementary precautions when choosing a betting shop; punters should read a few online reviews to evaluate an online gambling operation’s reputation, and check the site for security and fair-play audited certificates, before providing their sensitive banking information and registering on a site. They should also remember that if they are playing illegally, and they are cheated by an online sports betting site, they will have very little recourse to get their money back, so sticking with reputable, above-board operations is advisable.

Picking the Winning Bets

As with all sports, it often takes an expert to assess the best cyclists on their form and previous record alone. Cyclists are also subject to environmental conditions; poor roads might be one cyclist’s personal bugbear, another might be strong on calm, dry days, but battle when cycling against wind and rain. Other cyclists actually prefer race conditions to be cool and breezy, and will struggle on calm, hot days. Knowing these details, knowing how different cyclists react to changes in conditions, and staying up-to-date on these conditions and any alterations that occur during a race are part of assessing form properly. The other big caveat of sports betting, of course, is to only play with money a punter can afford to lose. Those who want to try out online cycling betting responsibly, with less risk and a higher chance of placing winning bets at beteasy Australia, need to be prepared to study race conditions, performance records and other factors that may affect a cyclist’s showing in any particular race before they risk their money. But all that said, for those who love and understand cycling, online cycling betting can be a fun and affordable way to add a little more excitement to their viewing of the great cycle races.